2014 Top 10 – My Most Popular Posts

2014 has been a great year of blogging, and was also probably the most difficult year I’ve ever had–in more ways than one. However, overall, all of the difficulty and changes have been very good.I wrote most posts in the past year than in any previous year, so to recap 2014, here are my top 10 most popular posts:
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10. No Hugging; Now What?
A light-hearted follow-up to my series on why I don’t hug girls, seeking to find a healthy alternative.


9. Emotional Purity –Part 1
A post introducing my series on emotional purity, and why I have personally come to support the concept.


8. I Am A Sexist
My awful confession that I think men and women are different, and created for different purposes.My friends at Freejinger had fun with this one.

7. I Got a C For Defending the Bible

A real life and personal example of the bias of colleges against Christians and truth. I have heard many stories about schools showing bias against Christians, but had never experienced it myself until my Intro to the New Testament class which I took at Ohio State.Thankfully, this C was not enough to tank my grade, and I still finished with an A. It wasn’t as bad as the movie “God’s Not Dead.”

6. This Pastor Hates His Children

Probably the most difficult article I’ve ever written, this was inspired, again, by witnessing an article being shared around the internet by Christians praising this pastor for encouraging and embracing homosexuality. So many Christians are turning their back on what the Bible says and are embracing sin and calling it love.
I don’t like writing on this subject, or criticizing pastors, or directly targeting individuals. I’m sure he is a very nice person, but the views he was sharing are wrong and harmful, and they are being accepted more and more by the world and Christians alike that I felt I had to say something.
Honorable Mentions:
More controversial than I expected it to be, this post was meant to make the point that you never have to wonder if you married the wrong person.
This satire came about after I was told my conviction that I should save physical affection for marriage would lead to a disappointed future wife. I was told that my future wife would probably appreciate someone with more romantic experience instead. Hmm…I might be marrying the wrong woman if this is the case.
5. Reasons Why I Don’t Go Ballroom Dancing
Much like my series on hugging, this post came about because I wanted to give a defense for why I personally don’t want to go ballroom dancing.  After getting invited to too many dances that I didn’t want to attend, and not being able to fully articulate why I didn’t want to participate, I put my thoughts together and this article was the result.
4. Why I No Longer Talk Privately To Girls Online
Related to Emily’s guest post, this article tells a more personal story, sharing my own negative experiences of male/female private communication online. This is a completely new social venue which didn’t exist when my parents were growing up. No one really knows about the dangers, and I hope more will come to see the risk involved.
Few seem willing to acknowledge this reality, and more damage continues to be done. What is probably even more tragic, is I know many people who have come to believe that the harm can’t be avoided, and should simply be embraced.
3. Your Crying Baby Is Sending People To Hell
Inspired by a comment my mom received on her blog by a person claiming crying babies in church are actually sending people to hell. I sincerely hope she was just trolling and not being serious; nevertheless, I have witnessed a lot of discrimination against children in the church service. I find it shocking and sad at just how many Christians, even large homeschooling families, who believe children should be separate from the adults, and placed in Sunday school. It’s just not scriptural.
I also seemed to have done too good a job with this satire, as many people thought I was being serious, and didn’t realize it was a joke. I again apologize for any emotional trauma this post caused.
2. The Struggle For Emotional Purity
This was a guest post written by a friend which really exploded. So many guys don’t really understand how emotionally driven girls are (I have made a lot of mistakes myself in this area). I found Emily’s thoughts to be both accurate and practical. Thank you again Emily for being brave enough to share about this important topic.
It is just too bad that so few really understand the concepts Emily shared.
1. Don’t Teach Girls To Be Modest; That Sexualizes Them
This post was inspired by an article that was being passed around the internet by some Christian acquaintances. The article was claiming that encouraging girls to be modest was actually sexualizing them. Um, what? I found this idea so backwards I had to write something.
This is also now my 4th most popular post all-time. I guess modesty is still a hot topic.


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  1. Great posts Reagan! I look forward to reading more in 2015.

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