If you’re like most network marketers, you have no time.busy network marketers

But here is the good news…

You don’t need an abundance of time to build a successful business.

What you do need is effective time MANAGEMENT.

Here are 3 tips to help the busy network marketer do more in less time.

1. Start Your Morning Off With Exercise

When you’re short on time, it’s tempting to let exercise go, am I right?

“My physical health can wait…” we tell ourselves, thinking that our business and other tasks take precedence.

But exercise is huge.

In fact, according to Tom Corley in his book Change Your Habits Change Your life, “Seventy-six percent of the rich aerobically exercise 30 minutes or more every day.”

And it has to be in the morning, even if it’s just 10 minutes of push-ups and jumping jacks.

Go to the gym, workout at home, whatever works for you.

Why it works:

Morning exercise helps you to wake up, be alert, and give you energy for the rest of the day.

It also gives you an endorphin rush which enhances your attitude and just overall makes you feel good, and have a positive attitude.

And when you feel good and have a positive attitude, things just don’t seem as overwhelming any more. Obstacles don’t seem as imposing, and you have more motivation and inspiration to stay on task and productive.

2. Do Your Most Difficult Task First

I’ve heard advice given that you should start with an easy task first to help you gain momentum and confidence…and maybe this does help some people…

But if you would like to be more productive, and you haven’t tried this yet, try it.

Leave email and social media for later, and do the one thing on your to-do list you are dreading.

Brian Tracy in his book, “Eat That Frog” calls doing your most difficult task first, well, “eating the frog”.

In other words, taking your medicine. It’s unpleasant, but good for you.

Why it works:

Your willpower is strongest in the morning, and you have a finite supply.

As the day goes on, and you exercise willpower, you draw from your supply, diminishing it.

This means at the end of the day, it’s unlikely you’ll even complete this task because you won’t have the willpower left to do it.

Let’s be honest, how many times has this happened to you? You have a task that you don’t want to do, but you resolve to do it later that day and…it never happens. Guilty? I know I am.

However, not only will completing your most difficult task FIRST THING ensure that it actually gets done…but it will also make you more productive with the rest of the day. 

There is a thrill that comes with getting your hardest task done. It’s like a huge burden has been lifted off of you…and then you look at the clock and say, hey! It’s only 9:00!

Every other task on your list suddenly looks easier to complete, and you also find you have more energy and motivation to complete them without the burden of your most difficult task looming over you the whole day.

3. Give Yourself Less Time To Complete tasks

Try cutting the time you think you need to complete a task…in half.

Yes. In half!

Think it will take an hour? Give yourself a half-hour, and set a timer on your phone or on your computer and try to beat the clock!

Even if it does take you longer than a half hour, even if it takes you the full hour you expected, I think you will find that you were much more productive when racing against the clock.

Not only that, but I think you’ll discover, more often than not…you don’t need as much time as you think.

Why it works: 

We often seem to think of time and quality in terms of this:

We think that the more time we spend on something, the better quality it will be, and perhaps this is the case sometimes…but not necessarily.

In fact, often times spending too much time on something can even diminish its quality; however, what usually happens is we don’t actually spend time working on a particular item for the entire time allotted.

Instead, we procrastinate. I have three days to work on this? Why then do I need to work on it right now?

What usually happens is we end up rushing to complete the whole project at the very end of a deadline…which means we didn’t actually need the full three days to begin with.

So where does all the excess time go? Procrastinating.

We surf the web, endlessly scroll on social media, or get stuck watching compilation videos on Youtube of cute animals doing stuff or people hurting themselves.

But hey! I’ve got 3 hours to complete this task! What’s 10 minutes here, and 5 minutes there of distraction? I’ll still finish on time, right?

Rather than procrastinating, we could have knocked that task out, and completed two other ones!

This phenomenon is known as Parkinson’s law, which states that a task will increase in length needed to complete the more time it is given to complete.

In other words, if you give yourself 5 hours to complete something…it will probably take you 5 hours. However, if you give yourself only 2 hours, well…you’ll probably get it done in 2.

Remarkable, isn’t it?

So give yourself less time to complete tasks, and you’ll most likely find yourself completely more, without sacrificing quality.

Want to really save time when building your network marketing business?

Here’s the thing…

The old school methods of growing a network marketing business are obsolete.

Can they work?


Is a knife still a weapon?

Well, yeah, but you shouldn’t bring a knife to a gunfight.

Yet I see so many network marketers and direct sellers using “knives” when they should be using the latest in business-building weapons technology.

What am I referring to exactly?

Building online.

Specifically by using methods that attract prospects to you. YOU become the hunted, instead of the hunter.

If you’re ready to upgrade your business-building arsenal and get more bang for your time buck, then definitely sign up for the free course below:

10 Day Attraction Marketing Formula Bootcamp

busy network marketer

What is the biggest thing that is getting in the way of you being productive? Let me know in the comments!

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