Hello! I’m Reagan!Reagan 2015

I am a blogger and coach who helps entrepreneurs & network marketers grow their businesses online so that they can have the time and financial freedom to create their ideal lives.

Who is this site for?

This website is for the tired network marketer.

If you are tired of home meetings…

If you are tired of coffee-shop meet-ups…

If you are tired of prospecting strangers at the mall and grocery…

If you are tired of not having enough people to talk to…

…And most of all, if you are tired of struggling and not making any money…

This site is for you!

I’m here to teach you a new way of building your network marketing business. This is a method that will allow you to build your business COMPLETELY from home (no home meetings or meet-ups), because it can all be done online.

A lot of uplines and old-school trainers are skeptical of the internet, and many even argue against it…but this simply because most network marketers don’t know how to use the internet properly.

However, when utilized correctly, you can use the internet to create an endless stream of self-qualifying leads reaching out to you! How would you like

How would you like it if people were calling and/or emailing you asking about your business or product, rather than the other way around. That would be pretty awesome, yeah? I’ll show you how to do it.

In fact, you can get started with learning how to do this right now!

Just click the link below, and enter your information, and you be enrolled for free into the 10 Day Attraction Marketing Formula Bootcamp, which is the best place to start if you are looking to build your business online.

 10 Day Attraction Marketing Formula Bootcamp

My Story

Now, you may be wondering who exactly I am. What do I know about network marketing?
Well, I got into network marketing around 5 years ago, after my mom had signed up for a direct sales company. I didn’t know anything about network marketing, I just knew she was getting some killer results!
So I started helping her out, and handled a lot of her customer service.
Soon, my dad and my siblings got involved too, and my mom’s business became a family business.
We are now the top earners in our company, and I’d like to share with you what I have learned through this experience, and from the trainers and mentors I have had long the way.
If you are serious about network marketing, and you want to build a full-time income, then you have come to the right place!
Again, if you are looking to get started right now with building your business online, then you should definitely sign up for the free 10 Day Attraction Marketing formula. This will introduce you to the formula for attracking leads and sales, online. And it’s completely free! Just click the link below to sign up.

20 random facts about me:

  1. In addition to this blog, I also write for my family’s Intentional Living blog, Coastal Conservatory.
  2. I like to write and produce music. Check out my solo project, Andromeda Coast.
  3. I lied. I don’t like to write and produce music. I’m addicted to it, like, literally. It’s a struggle everyday not to give into the temptation to pull up my recording software and start jamming.
  4. I am the Owner and Co-Founder of Kingdom Pen Magazine, an online community dedicated to encouraging young writers to write well, write purposefully, and to always write for Christ.
  5. I am a fifth generation football player. Yes, my great-great-grandfather played when there were no helmets.
  6. I am a Greek mythology and outer-space enthusiast. Those two things go really well together.
  7. I have completed the rough-drafts of three novels, two of which were semi-finalists in the One Year Adventure Novel annual writing contest.
  8. I graduated Summit Ministries’ two-week long worldview training camp in 2011.
  9. I have attended public school, private school, homeschool, and one of the largest public universities in the world, Ohio State.
  10. I’m still not sure if I’m left-handed or right-handed. It’s complicated, just trust me.
  11. I am the second eldest of seven children.
  12. I have a hot car. Her name is Caliente. I get compliments all the time, whether I be filling her up with gas or going through a drive-thru, she is just that awesome. It’s okay to be jealous.
  13. Even hotter, I married my wife Haley in April of 2017, and she rocks! Now we work together on our businesses, and it’s super awesome!
  14. I ran my own house painting company for 8 months and never painted a house. I’d say it worked out pretty well.
  15. An organized person, I am not.
  16. I stinc at speling.
  17. I apparentsly love backing typos. Sory if you se a lot of then on this bolg. I also have a problem with leaving out entire
  18. If your a grammar Nazi, you’ll hate me blog.
  19. I can read faster than a cheetah. And it’s a good thing, since cheetahs can’t read…
  20. I walked on the moon once…in my dreams. So I’d say I’m a pretty cool dude. Wouldn’t you?

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