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I don’t know about you, but I’ve felt all too often the debilitating feeling of underachievement.

I create grand, elaborate plans to achieve huge results, and do great things…

But I also seem to do get derailed. Can you relate?

Do you frequently find yourself frustrated over your lack of accomplishment?

Maybe you have resolved to start waking up earlier but…instead hit the snooze button.

Or perhaps you’ve resolved to keep the house clean…and yet the clutter languishes in stasis. 

Or, maybe you’ve resolved to recruit more, start recording Facebook Live videos, or begin blogging…to no avail.

Do you feel like distractions or lack of motivation keeps preventing you from having the success you want?

If the distractions would just away, or if circumstances or your environment were just a little less hostile, maybe THEN you could get the results you want, yes?

If only there was a way to take the feeling that you didn’t accomplish anything, and turn it into the ability to accomplish anything!

Well here’s the thing…

Distractions aren’t going away, and difficult circumstances are always going to arise.

So what does this mean? Does this mean success and achievement are impossible?

Not at all! In fact, the good news is our circumstances have nothing to do with whether we achieve and are successful or not.

In this post I’ll share with you the 3 proven keys to accomplish anything!

These are keys that have been proven again and again to result in personal change and growth. 

In fact, any time we accomplish anything in our lives, it’s because of these 3 keys, even if we weren’t aware of them.

But before I get to those 3 keys, allow me to share a story I heard once about a man who cut himself off from the internet to try and eliminate distractions.

He had big goals. He wanted to lose weight, and write a novel. At first, he had success!

However, as time went on, he found other distractions began to creep into his life. He may have ditched the internet, but distraction and lack of accomplishment followed him just the same.


The problem lay not outside of him, not in the external world or the distractions, but internally. 

So often we blame external circumstances for why can’t do something, or why we didn’t achieve something. We blame not having enough time, “something coming up”, other people getting in the way, or lacking the motivation.

But these are all just a red herring; deceptions we believe to soothe the pain of not reaching the dreams or desires we have.  

Just like the man who gave up the internet, when we fall short, it’s usually because we are lacking in one or more of the 3 proven keys to accomplish anything.

1. Vision

The first key is vision.

Imagine a Cessna 172 Skyhawk pulling a big sign through the sky.

Think of that sign as you, and the plane as your vision. The sign goes where the airplane takes it.

In order to achieve a goal, you need to have a powerful vision propelling you toward it. If it’s a struggle to pursue a goal, you may have a weak vision.

How to strengthen your vision:

One of the easiest things you can do to build a powerful vision is to write down 3-5 key motivations behind a goal.

Why do you want to achieve that goal? How will your life improve if you accomplish it? What are the consequences for NOT achieving that goal? Or, maybe you can’t find a vision for that particular goal because it’s not compelling enough. Maybe it isn’t a goal worth pursuing, and you should eliminate it. 

But if it is a powerful goal, then you just need to spend some time fleshing it out, visualizing how it will change your life, and creating a powerful vision.

Once you have these key motivations listed for your goal, be sure to review them weekly.

2. Intention

Vision is powerful, but it isn’t any good if you don’t actually INTEND to carry out your vision.

So often we like to dream about what might be. We will say things like, “It’s my dream to one day live on a caribbean island,” but we aren’t actually go to ever live on that island if we don’t intend to.

Intention is the difference between having a goal and merely having a dream.

Intention is the difference between having a goal and merely having a dream. Click To Tweet

Sometimes we fool ourselves into thinking we have a goal, when it’s really just a dream.

How can you know if you have intention or just a dream?

Look at your actions. What actions have you taken this week to get closer to your dream? If you’re not doing anything, then it’s really just a dream that you are hoping will come true on it’s own (hint, it very likely won’t).

Once you have your powerful vision, you now have to actually take intentional actions that get you closer to making that vision a reality.

Identify some key actions you can take to get you closer, and start taking action! You have the power!

3. Means

Finally, you have to actually find the resources that you need to accomplish your goals.

Hard work isn’t always enough. You need to have the right tools as well.

I may have a powerful vision of being an NFL running back, and I may intend to be one by practicing every day…but alas, I lack the physical tools needed to become an NFL running back.

The good news is, for most things, we can find the means if we have the vision and the intention. It’s more often the case that we underestimate ourselves, and falsely believe that we can’t find the means when we can.

How to find the means:

In general, this means investing in yourself. Become a more skilled person. Become a better person.

You should start and end each day with personal development.

What this may look like:

  • Read the bible
  • Pray
  • Exercise
  • Eat a healthy breakfast
  • Recite affirmation statements
  • Review your vision and/or goals
  • Do some educational reading
  • Write in a journal

If you are trying to lose weight, maybe you need to hire a personal trainer, or at the very least, look up some exercises you can do at home. Maybe you need to purge your home of unhealthy foods, and only purchase healthy foods.

If you’re trying to grow a business, this might look like watching training videos, reading blog posts, or purchasing a course.

You can accomplish anything!

It’s a great tragedy that so many of us think we can’t, when the reality is we can.

Achievement starts with vision. Do you really see how achieving that goal will improve your life?

Then you need intention. What steps are you going to take now to reach that goal?

Finally, you have to find the means. What tools do you need, or what skills do you need to learn so you can take the right steps and make that vision a reality?

Start right now! Post a vision you have in the comments below!

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