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How to build two network marketing companies

Have you ever thought about building two network marketing companies…


At the same time?


Or maybe you already have two.


We got a question the other day asking,


“Ok, I have another business that I been promoting since September and I just added [new company name]. How do I promote this business without looking flighty because [people are] going to say ..what happened to the other company? I don’t want people to think I jump in and out of different business. It makes me look really unstable.”


This is definitely a legitimate concern. We’ve probably all seen “that person” who is always moving from one company to the next, always proclaiming their new venture is THE BEST!


We experienced this first-hand recently. Someone reached out to us about one company, which is great. Kudos to them! But then a month later that same person contacted us about another company.


Which made them look a little unstable and flighty and made us wonder,


“Oh, so now what’s their next new thing going to be?”


If people just see you as someone jumping around from one thing to the next, that’s not really going to inspire confidence.


Or make people want to sign up and join your business, or buy from you.


Which, unless you get pleasure from sinking your own business, that’s the exact opposite of what you’re going for.

But all of this goes away if you use the strategy I talk about in this post.


There actually IS a way to grow multiple network marketing businesses at the same time, and rather than looking fickle or uncommitted, you’ll look like an absolute boss in the process. 


I’m talking about a little strategy known as “Branding”.


What is branding exactly? I’ll get to that in a minute, but first, let’s talk about where most network marketers get it wrong.

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[Side note: Trying to grow two network marketing businesses at the same time is very difficult. For most people, it’s probably best just to focus on one.]


Where Network Marketers Get It Wrong…


So many network marketers make the mistake of branding their company rather than themselves.


That’s like building your home on land you don’t own!


And this is probably the #1 mistake network marketers make. 


Not only is this a quick way to annoy all your friends and family online, but it’s extremely ineffective.


More likely than not, when people see the name of your company, they’re are going to turn to Google…


And what will they find?


If you guessed glowing reviews about you and your company’s products, that is the wrong answer.


No, instead, they are likely going to find a lot of negative reviews talking about how your company is a scam run by life-savings-stealing, puppy-kicking, Satanists.


And your potential customer is going to think…


Dear heavens me! I had no idea [insert-your-name-here] was a life-savings-stealing, puppy-kicking, Satanist! Let me unfriend/block/report them!


Such reactions are not what one would say is, “good for business”.


And let’s say you get lucky…


Even someone finds some good reviews and does decide to buy, what are the odds they buy from you?


The reality is not good.


When you brand your company, people no longer need you. You are no longer special. There is nothing separating you from any of the other thousands of reps, or even the company itself.


So you could end up losing potential customers or reps to other distributors. Ouch.


Brand YOU Instead


This sounds complicated, but it really isn’t.


First, let’s talk about what a brand isn’t.


A brand isn’t:

  • A logo
  • A color scheme
  • Fancy photography


These are just things that help people identify a brand.


A brand is your truth. 

A brand is your truth. Click To Tweet


A brand is a culmination of the experiences people have with you, so whether you know it or not, you already have a brand.


And since most network marketers are spending all day posting pictures of their company products, colors, and logos…people are going to start to seem as no different than the company.


Meaning, there is no reason to buy from them and not someone else.


Instead, you want to build your own brand, completely separate from your network marketing company.


In fact, people shouldn’t even be able to find out what company you are with by looking at your profile.


How To Build Your Brand


To build your own brand, you simply have to post content that is valuable to your target audience.


Or think this way…


How is your ideal customer? Who do you want to help?


Once you know that, you simply have to create content that provides solutions to the problems your ideal customers have. For example, if your ideal customer is someone looking to lose weight, then talk about how to lose weight.


Now, if the thought of creating content overwhelms you, don’t worry, it’s actually not as difficult as it sounds. I’ll be creating future posts that will show you how to turn content creation into a science. If you don’t want to miss these future posts, be sure to subscribe, and you’ll also get a free recruiting course in the process. 


But you also have to be passionate about what you’re teaching. If you aren’t passionate about what you’re teaching, then you’re going to burn out. Plain and simple.


So if you’re not really into beauty, but you have beauty or skin care product, don’t feel like you have to teach on beauty.


You could teach on self-development, parenting, homesteading, novel writing, or whatever it is that you are passionate about!


Once you start putting out valuable content on your passion subject, you’ll start to attract other people who are interested in what you are talking about, and who are in need of the solutions you’re providing.


How You Grow Your Business With Your Brand


Get this, once you have built up an audience you can pretty much sell anything. Even products from two different companies!


In fact, you could sell a host of affiliate products, because now you have an audience that trusts you, and considers you an authority.


Here’s the thing…


Your brand is there to solve the problems of your audience.

Your brand is there to solve the problems of your audience. Click To Tweet


If you’re training and teaching people by providing solutions through videos, podcasts, and/or blog posts, then the products of your network marketing company, or even the opportunity, are simply one more solution to their problems that YOU are offering. Not the company, YOU. 


There’s no need to be super sales-y about it because you can simply recommend it to your audience.


Here are a couple examples for how you can transition into talking about your product after providing content in, say, a Facebook Live video:

  • “Hey if you want some help with weight loss I’ve got a solution for you.”
  • “Looking for clearer skin? Here’s a product I love and has worked great for me!”
  • “Hey. By the way, if you like health and wellness like I do and maybe you’d like to make some extra money from it, feel free to reach out to me.”
  • “Hey, if you got value, share and comment, and if you want to know what products I recommend, and what products you definitely want to avoid and why, feel free to reach out to me.”


Easy peasy. And it doesn’t sound all hype-y either. Which scares people off. (Cue sinking business…)


When you build your own brand you are the authority now. And people are coming to you to receive information. So it doesn’t look flighty or unstable when you recommend another company.


A lot of problems go away for you if you work at building your own brand.


Are you getting the vibe that you need your own brand yet?


Yet I see so many people who have heard this advice and still don’t build their own brands. Because on some level, it seems to make sense to brand your company because they have more authority, right?


Wrong. People don’t buy from a company. They buy from a personal connection. I.e. a brand.


And this goes for anyone. Even if you’re not in network marketing, if you are interested in building any kind of income online then the first place to start is building your own brand.


If you’re ready to dive in, then definitely grab yourself this free course, The 10-Day Attraction Marketing Formula Bootcamp.


This will teach you all about how to go about identifying your target audience, and how you can start attracting them to you online so you can begin building your brand.

‘Til next time!

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