You may be losing potential team members without even realizing it.

A scary thought, isn’t it?

Ditch Your Network Marketing CompanyBut don’t worry! All you need is a simple mindset (and branding) shift to prevent this from happening.

What is that shift?

You need to ditch your network marketing company, right now!

“Huh? But Reagan, that doesn’t make any sense!”

I know, it doesn’t right now, and I’ll explain what I mean in a way that will make you much more dollars and cents…

But first, let me tell a quick story.

The following question was asked in our private Facebook Group,

“Who introduced you to the business opportunity with your business?”

And low and behold, what did one person respond with but:

“A blogger, but [I] didn’t sign up/talk with them; I did my own research then signed up.”

This is precisely what I’m talking about. Can you see the problem?

This blogger needs to ditch their network marketing company.

Now, I don’t mean quit. Not at all!

Rather, I mean they need to stop talking about their company, displaying their products, and instead start branding themselves.

And this is what you need to do. Stop branding your network marketing company, and start branding yourself.

If the above story wasn’t enough to convince you why this is so important, here are 4 more reasons.

1. People Follow People

You’ve probably heard this one before, but it’s absolutely true.

It was once thought that emulating a big fancy company was the way to go. If you look all big and fancy and important you must know what you’re talking about and people will buy from you, right?

Not quite.

People buy from people they like. More and more, even large companies are catching onto this and seeking to appear more human.

People buy from people they like. @Forbes Click To Tweet

One fantastic example of this is how Wendy’s was roasting people on Twitter. Big faceless companies don’t roast people, humans do.

And unless you’re K-2SO, non-human entities can’t be humorous either. This is what Wendy’s was able to accomplish with its twitter account.

You want to do the same.

Not necessary roasting people, but you want to be real, and you want to be a person, not a “Representative of Flavor Tasty Inc.”

Rather than making yourself synonymous with your company, you want to make yourself standout, and distinct from your company. You want to be seen as an authority in your particular niche, whether that be health, fitness, wine, travel, or whatever niche your company is in.

2. Curiosity Is Key

Recruiting is important in network marketing, especially when just starting out.

But do you really want your business and income to be dependent on how many strangers you prospect at the mall, or how many home meetings you set up?

What if instead, you were able to get highly-qualified prospects reaching out to you?

Well, you can, but not if you plaster your company name and branding all over your social media channels.

Instead, you want to create curiosity. (By the way, if you want a free course on how to attract highly-qualified prospects to you using the internet, then this free course is for you.)

By keeping your company a secret, and instead of posting about the results you are getting from said-unsaid company…

You create curiosity. People are going to want to know how in the work you are getting such amazing results!

And thus, they start to message you.

But all of this goes away if you mention your company or post links to your products.

Which leads me into the next reason why you want to ditch your network marketing company…

3. You Need To Be Unique

Once someone sees what company you are with, they no longer need you.

You are no longer unique. You are just like every other distributor out there.

Instead of coming to you, potential prospects will go to Google, and most likely find someone talking about what a scam your company is.

Or, maybe they do decide to sign up, but like the person mentioned above, it probably won’t be with you. 

By keeping your company a secret, and building your own brand, you make yourself valuable and unique. You are the one holding the key, life-changing information they need, and they have to engage in a private conversation with you in order to get that information.

Now, you are in control of the information they receive. You can answer any questions they have, or clear up any myths. You can further build rapport, and increase the prospect’s chances of signing up, or buying.

The uniqueness you bring also opens you up to all kinds of other opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise have…

network marketing company

4. Room For Growth

When you brand yourself rather than your company, you have room to grow.

No longer are you simply a storefront for Tasty Flavor (or whatever your network marketing company is), but you can develop your own products, or even sell the products of other MLM companies.

If you brand yourself as a health coach rather than a network marketer, you can now sell just about anything – so long as it is health-related – to your audience.

If the worst happens, and your company goes out of business, you don’t! You can simply find another product to sell to your audience since your brand was not dependent on your company.

To summarize all this, the reality is that your network marketing opportunity is not your business. The company belongs to someone else. You are not in control.

Instead, you want to create your own business, separate from your MLM company, and instead see your MLM company simply as one product that your business offers. It could be the only product you offer, or you could even expand to include other network marketing products, affiliate products, or even your own that you create!

It’s Time To Ditch Your Network Marketing Company

It’s time for you to create your own brand (if you need help with this, here is an article that will help).

It’s time to become a true business, and create your own identity outside of your company!

So if you haven’t already, your very first step will be to remove all links, images, and references to your company or products from your social media channels ASAP!

Once that is done, you are now on the path to building your own brand!

Now it’s time to jumpstart your business by marketing online.

Remember what I said above about not having to depend on belly-to-belly recruiting to build your business? While this is certainly important while starting out, you also want to get started on your marketing efforts.

Marketing allows you to attract high-quality leads, and even generate sales, regardless of time. You can even generate sales while you sleep!

That said, marketing definitely takes some time to get going, and it can be a little confusing if you are new. That’s why I highly recommend you check out this free course which will teach all about how to get started with attracting leads and prospects to you online.

If you got value from this post on why you should ditch your network marketing company right now, then please feel free to comment and share.

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