I Hate You Because You’re Confident

hate because confident2In our Post-Modern world where truth is relative, a curious phenomenon has developed: people don’t like you if you are confident about your beliefs. It’s very strange. These Post-Modernists are confident that you are wrong for being confident in your “false” beliefs, just as they are confident that there is absolutely no such thing as absolute truth.


It is cool to be a skeptic today. Doubt equals wisdom.


If you express confidence in your beliefs, then you are dogmatic, judgmental, legalistic, and a slew of other derogative terms. Of course, without God, this makes sense.

If you don’t believe in God…you really can’t trust that you know anything. If we all just evolved by accident in the primordial soup of Earth’s ancient oceans, if we were just cooked up by the flaming prehistoric meteorites slamming into Earth bringing with them the “ingredients for life,”  if we were just dead material shocked to life, ala Frankenstein, by lighting or whatever it is atheistic scientists are now claiming allowed life to form from non-life…then we can’t really trust anything.

If we evolved randomly, then we can’t really trust our own reason or intellect. We can’t trust that we really know how we got here.

With no God, we can’t really trust our senses. How do we know that what see, hear, feel, taste, and touch is really real? Indeed, some religions have arisen to tell us that this world is not real.

We live on a big ball comprised of particles we can’t see arranged in different patterns which give us all the different materials and substances we can see. We fly through a near vacuum at mind-boggling speeds, orbiting a gigantic nuclear-power-plant of a fireball…or so we believe.
We can’t know anything for certain. Even Scientists will say Science doesn’t prove anything. Science is merely the process of observing the natural world. Based on the patterns we find in our observations, we create theories and laws about how the natural world usually works.
If our universe was an accident…if everything is just the result of luck, or chance…then how do we know that our senses aren’t incredibly flawed? How do we know our brains aren’t just sitting in a vat somewhere, being stimulated by aliens like in “The Matrix”?

We can’t. We can’t know if this is true, or anything really. The cold-hard science of Modernism in the 20th century failed to give humanity all the answers it searched for, and so humanity has swung in the opposite direction, away from logic and into the warm “loving” arms of feelings. We have run away from the very concept of truth, and toward what we want to be true.  If we can’t be sure of anything, then why not create our own ideals of truth and live in imaginary fantasy worlds?

This Post-Modern swing into relativity makes sense for those who don’t know God. If there is no God, then there is really nothing wrong with this ideology, since nothing is wrong or right at all. But there is a God, a God of intelligence, and logic, and order, and reason. Our world makes sense because there is a God. We have truth because God exists. We still can’t really know anything for certain, but you don’t need certainty to possess knowledge. I can’t see the phone in your pocket, but I can still know it’s there because I saw you put it there, and phones typically don’t disappear into thin air. We can know truth exists because God created a universe with order, and He created laws to govern nature and spirit.

We humans are part of this natural world. We too were created to function in certain ways. Just as we have the natural law of gravity, there are spiritual laws—which are just as real—which govern humanity. When we rebel against these laws, bad things happen. When we ignore the law of gravity and step off a cliff into thin air, we fall–whether we believe in gravity or not–we fall.
As Christians, we should know this. We should fight for truth. The great advances in Science that the Western world were able to make were due solely to the spread of Christianity. Scientists like Newton and Copernicus knew that our world was created by a God of order, and therefore, our world must be governed by orderly laws as well, not superstition or magic.

“[It is my] loving duty to seek the truth in all things, in so far as God has granted that to human reason.” – Nicholas Copernicus

Christians are abandoning truth too

Yet, Christians seem to be buying into this Post-Modern relativity just like non-Christians. We are forgetting God and turning toward what we want to be true. I have actually seen Christians express pride at their lack of knowledge. I have seen Christians flat out mock logic and reason, choosing to elevate feelings above all else. You literally cannot reason with such people because they do not believe in reason. This is tragic.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being My priest. Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.” – Hosea 4:6

Let us not be like the unbelievers. Let us not reject knowledge. Let us not forget the law of God, a law as real as anything physical. The law of God might not always be tangible, but like electrons, we can see the effects. We can be confident. It is possible to have knowledge, and to proclaim it.
At the same time, we must also be humble, and realize that our own understanding is weak and fallible. Just because we are sure of something doesn’t mean we are right. However, just because we are wrong doesn’t mean there isn’t an answer.
Thankfully, we have the Word of God to help our weak consciences and fallible intellect, and inform us of the truth, a truth we can be confident in. Others may hate us for such confidence, but this is because they have none. They are lost and unsure, and see others with such conviction as intimidating or foolish.
Let us not see those who despise us as adversaries, but let us use their scorn as an opportunity to practice loving those who curse us. Meanwhile, stand fast in the truth, and do not waver on the truth of Christ. We can live safe in the Liberty Christ has given us, and not be sucked into the bondage of uncertainty or superstition.


“Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.” – Galatians 5


Have you ever been criticized for being too confident in your beliefs? Have you ever doubted something you knew to be true? How did you handle these situations?  


  1. Mr. Ramm, peeples h8 me cuz of my supreme awesomeness. Wat should I do? :'(

  2. I know this will be hard for you–maybe impossible–but I think the only solution is be less awesome. It's not fair to everyone else. Makes them feel insignificant. Think about that next time you're being too awesome.

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