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The Struggle For Emotional Purity: Guest Post – Purity Part 3

The Struggle For Emotional Purity: Guest Post – Purity Part 3

Part 1 – Emotional Purity: What Are Your Thoughts? Part 2 – What is Emotional Purity?–When emotional purity is discussed, I find it interesting that the focus is always on ourselves. We consider whether or not a given situation would be beneficial or detrimental to us. I think this is a very poor way of looking at the topic of emotional purity. –  I hardly hear anyone talk about looking out for the best interests of others. I believe that we should be seeking to help one another, and as men, we should especially seek what is best for women.  – Speaking to young men, rather than merely considering whether or not a given situation or interaction might harm us, we should instead consider how it might negatively impact a young woman. For example, perhaps a hug or communicating deeply in private would hold no emotional sway over you, but it might for the young woman. –  Instead of trying to communicate myself how, in general, women are different from men when it comes to the area of emotional vulnerability, I decided to seek help from those who would know better than I what it’s like to be a woman. A friend of mine, Emily Long, was gracious enough to write me a letter detailing the struggle for emotional purity from a young woman’s perspective, and it is copied below. I hope you find it as enlightening as I did: *** – Dear Reagan, – You have asked for my opinion on the issue of emotional purity. I would like to do just that by illustrating it a little. –          ... read more

The Dis-Integrated Life – A Guest Post

A guest post by a friend of mine. I really like this article because I believe it is very relevant to the general state of the modern-day church. –  In our culture today, even among many self-identified Christians, obedience to Christ is equated with oppression.  The word “holiness” is generally only uttered in sounding an alarm against the “holier than thou.”  The mention of “righteousness” is immediately reinterpreted to mean the same thing as “self-righteous. “ Meanwhile, the “brokeness” of our human condition is elevated, celebrated, and idolized.  The Good News from Christ only comes into play after we die.  Emotions, not truth, rule the day.  The kingdom of God is not at hand.  God is not near. For these Christians, Christ is the merciful forgiver, but not the ever-present, powerful Redeemer, Reconciler, and Restorer.   For them, the promise of happiness found in the gratification of individual desire, though elusive, is the essential doctrine of their orthodoxy.  They go to church.  They consider themselves spiritual people.  They “believe” in God and yet believe that God could not have really meant what is said in the Bible.  They may be committed to their church and regular in their times of private and sincere prayers to God.  Yet, in every other area of their life, you would not know that there was any difference between them and anyone of any other faith or of no faith. Private “quiet times” of prayer and public or corporate forms of worship do not constitute devotion to Christ; but prayer and traditionally recognized forms of worship, whether private or public, are particular types or instances... read more

God’s Gift To Women: A Book Review

“We men have been taught that, no matter how hard we try, we will never figure women out. It’s a lie!” This book was so good I read it in two days. I would have read it in one day had not other activities been planned. I really like the way Eric Ludy writes his books and communicates in general. He combines a stirring, inspirational message, with solid Biblical understanding, and ties it all together with humorous examples from his own life. What I liked about this book specifically, was it got to the very heart of the matter. This wasn’t a book of cheap tricks to manipulate women into liking you. Like classic Eric Ludy, he esteemed the hard and narrow path, and left the sugar coating off! However, as he is also so good at, Ludy paints a beautiful picture of the reward in store for those who do the hard things to obtain it. Consistent with the Doug Wilson book I recently read on courtship (Her Hand In Marriage), the key to being “God’s gift to women” is a Covenant Life with Christ. Or as Wilson says, the qualities one needs for a godly marriage are the same qualities one needs for Christian life. If we really want to live the richest life possible and be a blessing to others, we must make love of God center in our lives, and everything that entails. Some may think this sounds oppressive, but it’s really not. The Self-centered life is what is actually oppressive, and Ludy very clearly points out this fact. Very inspiring! What I also liked... read more

Her Hand In Marriage – A Book Review

This was a fantastic book! Therefore, prepare ye self for a long review/summary!I’ve heard a lot of people talk about “Biblical courtship” but they have often failed to really give any Biblical support other than the basic Biblical principles of love and serving others, which obviously go contrary to the modern dating model with is typically about self-gratification and manipulation–even if it’s subconscious. “Her Hand In Marriage” is great from the start, opening with a fantastic introduction which I can easily relate to. Wilson lays down some ground rules about how he is going to approach the topic, and makes some great points.  1. He points out how there are success stories hidden among all of the bad of modern recreational dating. As Wilson says, “Nothing said in the following pages should be taken as directed against godly Christians who came together within the dating system.” Sometimes people can take offense when you say you think courtship is more Biblical than dating, and they think you are saying they automatically were sinning by dating. Criticism of dating is not meant to criticize individuals, but the system as a whole. “People survive plane crashes too, some of them without a scratch, and we should all be happy about it. But this acknowledgement does not disqualify us from opposing the general habit of crashing airplanes.” – pg.10 2. Wilson also points out how “generalizations are legitimate if they honestly describe an overall pattern. Generalizations are consequently NOT refuted through particular and individual counter examples.” So many people think that just because “I did it, and I turned out fine” that everything is just peachy.... read more