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Why Men And Women Can’t Be Friends

I’m reposting from the blog For Unmarried Christian Women. Check out Chelsea’s blog for the rest of this post and to read more. She’s beginning a series on subject of men for the benefit of unmarried Christan women. Here are some questions to consider [for the female readers]: ~ Do I have guy friends?  Christian or not?~ What am I communicating to them in our relationship?~ Are there boundaries I may be crossing?~ Is it appropriate to be alone with them?~ What does God’s Word say about how I should be conducting myself around guy “friends”?~ Does this mean I can’t talk to any men?  Ever?~ When is it appropriate to communicate with a guy?   To read her whole post and watch the video, Why Men And Women Can’t Be Friends, click... read more

Singles Awareness Day?

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and of course, the internet is filled with quotes, pictures, and memes about love, romance, and relationships. Valentine’s Day is seen as a wonderful holiday…except for those who are single. How about all those poor single people who have to be alone on a day about love? So tragic…or is it? It bugs me that people seem to treat singleness like a disease (and I’m not just saying that because I am single). Maybe some people find this hard to believe, but I’m single by choice. Our society seems to think that if you are single, you are somehow less of a person, not capable of being liked by the opposite gender, and therefore possessing no merit whatsoever. This is not so. Then there are those singles who band together and form, “Singles Awareness Day”, on Valentines Day. Those who observe “S.A.D.” really just end up throwing little pity parties/hey I’m available hangouts. Or, some take things in the other direction, and spitefully scorn the entire concept of love and romance. Their “S.A.D.” day becomes a celebration of the individual, and an abandonment of other people.  In both these cases, the focus is all wrong, and it’s not about love at all, but on the self. Valentine’s Day just seems to be about celebrating your relationship status, or bemoaning it.  Singles, seriously. Pull yourselves together. It’s not a tragedy if you’re single. And being single is far better than riding the dating roller-coaster that everyone else does in our culture—throwing themselves away to each new romantic interest. Singleness is a great and unique time... read more