Men Should Be Allowed To Beat Their Wives

I know domestic violence is a sensitive subject to many people, so I will try and be gentle with my approach to this issue; however, I firmly believe that men do have a wife beatingright to beat their wives.
Personally, I believe this because I believe that a man has a basic moral right over his own body. All physical decisions pertaining his body are his to make.

No one has a right to tell a man what to do with his own body.

We can’t tell a man what to do with his fists. The government is not a glove, so the government should stay off of men’s hands.
Sometimes, men just need to be able to beat their wives. Maybe his wife turned out to be much different than he expected when marrying her, and she is ruining his plans and his life with her demands. He should have the right to put her in her place with a good beating. Or, perhaps he decides he isn’t ready for a wife at this point in his life, and so he should be able to beat her to the point where she no longer wants to be around him. Or, maybe a man reluctantly has to face the reality that he doesn’t really love his wife like he used to, and therefore, it would be unloving to the wife to not beat her and drive her away. No wife should have to be in a marriage where she is unwanted.

Now, some will say, “Why can’t a man just have a divorce?”
Such a statement is very insensitive to a man’s emotions, and inconsiderate of the situation and circumstances he may be facing. Divorce can be a very expensive, long, and emotionally painful process. Plus, the thought of his wife marrying another man can be very emotionally traumatizing, and a situation he’d rather not endure. There is certainly nothing wrong with a man going through divorce, but no man should be forced to go through such a process. To go through divorce or not to go through divorce is the man’s decision to make.

There are countless other scenarios in which a man’s life could be impaired by the presence of a wife, and we have no right to restrain his body and say that he cannot use his fists, elbows, knees, etc. how he believes best.

We should not shame men for making the brave and difficult decision to beat their wives, but we should instead celebrate their courage!
Now, let me just say that I don’t like women being beaten. I think it is a harsh world we live in, and ideally, women would never have to be beaten by their husbands. I am very much pro-women, and pro-health and happiness, and not a proponent of violence.
But that said, a decision to beat a wife is a decision that is solely between a man, his doctor (beating can sometimes be rough on the knuckles), and his God.

Some may say that wives and women have a right not to be abused, but their right is trumped by the man’s right to choose what do with his own body.

Men should stand up for their rights, and proudly proclaim, “My body, my choice!”
All of that said, I am open to the possibility that there could be some exceptions, and perhaps some times when a man should not be allowed to beat his wife. For example, beating her right after the wedding would really be in bad taste, and would seriously cramp the romantic atmosphere. Additionally, a man beating his wife in front of other people would also be bad form, as that’s just not pleasant to see. However, while in the privacy of their own home, a man is certainly well within his rights to beat his wife.
I know this is hard for some to accept, especially for those with religious beliefs that are against wives being beaten, but you cannot force your religion on others. We are living in modern times. This is the year 2016, and it’s time to move on from the barbaric cultural norms that have prevented men from having control over what to do with their own bodies. Anyone who is against men deciding what to do with their own bodies, and men beating their wives, is a man-hater, and is guilty of misandry.
Some may think my position extreme, but I would argue my view is quite mild and reasonable.

If a woman has the right to kill her own unborn child at her discretion because she has a right to decide what happens with her own body, then I think it quite reasonable to say that men should have the right to decide how to operate their own bodies as well.

If a woman can chant, “Keep your politics out of my womb!” Then a man can surely shout, “Keep your politics off of my hands”. Indeed, allowing men to beat their wives is much less violent, as no limbs are being torn off, and no one’s life is being extinguished as is the case with Abortion. Mere blunt force trauma is all I’m talking about here; some broken bones or unconsciousness at the very worst.
If you are an advocate of equality, and the rights of women to have abortions, then don’t be inconsistent by opposing the right of men to beat their wives.


  1. Not gonna lie…this was a WEIRD POST!!! I kept waiting for the punch line buuuuut it never came…LOL

  2. I’m not sure if you are making a pun or are being serious. Haha!

    This post was satire, and the PUNCHline came at the end. This post illustrates how you can use all the same arguments in favor of abortion to support domestic abuse.

  3. LOL yeah, when I reread it, I kind of figured that’s what you meant, its a good argument IF you were debating that with people, I was just reading it like, WHAT??? I don’t support abortion so my husband better not be beating me!!! LOL

  4. Right, I certainly don’t support domestic abuse. A husband should never harm his wife, physically or otherwise. I also don’t think babies should be torn limb from limb, but hey, if that is acceptable, then why not husbands beating their wives? The language Abortion activists use to defend abortion really is incredibly heartless, and shocking. I’ve even heard people say that it would be unloving to the baby for a mother to give birth when she doesn’t want a child, because no child should be unwanted. The unspoken assumption here is that it’s better to be murdered than to be “unwanted”.

    However, we’ve been desensitized to the horror of these Pro-Abortion arguments because we’re used to the debate, and the word “Abortion” doesn’t sound so bad. The goal of this post was to shake us from our haze, and show how incredibly horrifying these arguments really are by applying them in a different situation, domestic abuse. It was hard for me to even write this post, even knowing it was satire, because what I was saying was so evil…yet we don’t have a problem when these arguments are applied to the unborn.

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