Mission Marriage (New Series)

Mission Marriage

I’m back! I am finally writing new content for my blog. I actually have been writing new blog posts for several months now, but am just now beginning to release them. For some of you this might be good news, for others, bad news. You are welcome and I’m sorry to those whom it may concern.

I’ve written quite a bit about how we as unmarried folk who believe God is calling us to one day marry should be preparing for marriage now. I’ve written about how we should love our future spouses now, and not wait until we are actually married.

Well, I think I should probably put my money where my mouth is. So, I’ve decided to start a new series talking about what I am doing to try and prepare myself for marriage. This is kind of scary for me, because I’m not used to really talking about myself so much on this blog, and also because I will suddenly have a lot more accountability. No slacking off!

Additionally, even for those of us who have the gift that Paul had for singleness…we are all still being prepared for (or should be preparing for) our future marriage to Christ (more on this in future posts). While some of us may not participate in an Earthly marriage, we the body of Christ are destined for a future marriage, and preparation needed for that eternal marriage is very similar to the preparation needed for a temporary marriage.

I’ve decided to title this series “Mission Marriage Mondays” because I will be detailing my “mission” to become “prepared” for the “mission” that is marriage…on Mondays.

Additionally, I like the more militaristic sounding word “mission”. Thinking of preparation, and marriage itself, in such terms helps solidify the serious nature of such an undertaking for me, and the necessity of taking intentional steps toward reaching a goal. In our culture today we don’t really think about marriage or love as being something we can practice for.

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