Most network marketers fail

And there are many reasons for this.Mistake Network Marketers

The sad thing is that many of the things that make network marketers unsuccessful, are things that can be corrected.

But what is the Absolute #1 Mistake Network Marketers Make?

I was reading a book the other day about business.

In it, the author pointed out how network marketing isn’t for everyone. Therefore, most will never be successful at it.

The author cited the reason for why most network marketers will never be successful as being that network marketing can only succeed through face-to-face interactions, and this requires a great deal of sales skill.

I think the author is way off.

This a common belief that many share, but it has two crippling flaws.

1.) Network Marketing Can Be Successful Online

It’s amazing how many people still believe that network marketing only works through in-person sales.

We became top earners in our company (like many others) not through selling in person, but through selling online!

Online is arguably the most duplicatable method for success in network marketing.

One reason being, you don’t need to have a ton of sales skills.

You also don’t have to travel great distances. You can do it all from home!

And! You can automate your marketing so that you generate leads and sales while you sleep!

What is more duplicatable than sleeping?


(That was supposed to be a rhetorical question.)

Even so, you can generate leads and sales while you’re eating too!

Try doing that in person!

2.) You Can Learn The Skills

The other flaw with this author’s assessment of network marketing is the assumption that people cannot learn the skills to be able to be successful at network marketing.

If you don’t have the skills now, you can learn!

The problem is most are simply unwilling to learn.

So many drop out when the going gets a little tough, or they try something one time and it doesn’t work.

Success takes persisting, and being consistent over time. Learning from mistakes, and trying new things.

The Reason Many Don’t Succeed Online

Though failure to sell online, or to invest in learning are big mistakes, they aren’t the biggest mistakes that network marketers make.

There are many who do seek to sell online, and who do invest in learning sales skills, but still struggle to find success. Why?

Well, this is because many are making a mistake that leaders are calling the #1 mistake network marketers make. We talk about that in the video below.

If you are brand new to this world of building your network marketing business online, and want to know how to build your network marketing business on social media without ever having to leave home, or going out to the mall prospecting the cold market, or whatever, then go here to sign up for our online recruiting boot camp.

It’s a FREE Video Course on the methods many are using to build 6-figure networking businesses, and I think you’ll find it helpful, along with some other cool learning opportunities. Enjoy!

Mistake Network Marketers

Are you making this mistake? What are you going to do to correct it? 

If you found value from this post, The Absolute #1 Mistake Network Marketers Make, then feel free to share and comment.

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