Traffic is often hyped when it comes to growing your blog and making an income from it, and rightfully so.more important than traffic

Everything starts with traffic.

So what if you have blog posts, emails, and an elaborate sales funnel if no one is reading, and no one is in your funnel?

You have nothing.

So one of the first, and most difficult skills, for any new marketer to learn is how to generate traffic.

Which is why, until the traffic comes, you definitely want to be prospecting. This is essentially going to where the traffic is and manually bringing traffic to you.

So with all of that said…

What could be more important than traffic for your blog? Traffic is like currency.


Traffic doesn’t really help you if you aren’t successful in the following two areas:

1. Generating Leads

Plain and simple: we blog to get leads.

Unless you blog as a hobby, the goal of a blog is to generate leads.

Yes, blogging will get you traffic and increase your reach and authority, but we blog to get leads.

Traffic doesn’t matter if you can’t convert it. 

What is a lead?

A lead is someone who expresses interest in what you are offering, and they give you their email. A lead is a potential buyer.

In a nutshell, you generate leads by offering value.

In any exchange, someone has to believe they are receiving more value than they are giving in order to buy. Someone may buy a product if they think its value is equal to its price, but they will REALLY want to buy the product if they value it far more than the price.

The greater the positive gap between the cost and the perceived value, the more leads you are going to generate. 

When I first started out blogging, I had no idea I was supposed to be generating leads!

I was just pumping out blog posts hoping to build a big enough audience to where money would magically fall from the sky…in the form of advertising maybe???

That is so 2008, and not how to blog in 2018 and beyond. 

In a practical sense, you capture leads with opt-in pages. You know, the pages that say, “Enter your name and email address now to receive this free stuff.” 

Unfortunately, many blogs have opt-in pages that aren’t much better than the vague example above about getting free stuff. In a word, most blog’s opt-in pages are terrible. 

What NOT to do:

Don’t ask people to sign up for a newsletter or newsfeed. That just tells them that they are going to be getting, even more, emails that they don’t want.

Also, don’t say something like, “Enter your information to get a powerful message from me.” It just sounds very weak. Who are you to say it will be a “powerful” message? Of course, you think it’s a powerful message – you wrote it, but it doesn’t matter what you think because it’s not about you, but your potential leads.

Again, your blog needs to provide value.

It needs to provide far more value than the cost of receiving it, which would be time, email addresses, and even money. 

Saying something like “Get a Free Gift” also is a bad idea. You have to work hard today to give away your free stuff. No one wants free junk, they want free value. Since most stuff out there is junk, they’ll just assume you are offering free junk if you don’t get specific. 

What TO do:

Be specific.

Say what exactly it is you’re offering, and let them decide if it is “powerful” or worth the cost of giving you their email and time. 

So, just how do you offer a free “lead magnet” that draws in the leads?

Ask yourself…

“What can I offer that would make my target prospect toss and turn at night if they DIDN’T opt-in?”

Make it a no-brainer. 

Make your free offer something your target audience would be crazy not to opt-in to.

The format can take many different forms. It can be a video, an MP3 interview, an ebook, or a crazy coupon/discount. It’s better to give away too much value on an opt-in than too little because of the life-time value of a customer. If you turn that prospect into a lead, and continue to offer them more bang for their buck, over time, it’s going to pay off. You would certainly be willing to spend $2 if it meant receiving $1000. 

Time is harder to get than money. In fact, money is traded to save time. If you can become a time reducer for your target prospect, they will give you money. 

What are some good ideas for opt-in offers? 

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How to sneakily get an extra 10 leads per day, everyday

An easy way to recruit – rejection free – without wasting your time & money chasing deadbeat prospects & leads…

How to add an opt-in form

There are numerous ways to add opt-in forms on your site. We use LeadPages, which makes it very simple.

It is also advised that you include a phone number option on the opt-in page. Those who put in their phone number are in general going to be more serious leads.

And if you DO get a phone number, then you should call them, and ask them what they are struggling with, and how you can help them.

2. The ability to close

If you are a great closer, you don’t need a ton of leads to make a lot of sales. If you are great at closing, you can get by with much less traffic because you are converting the traffic you are getting into sales. 

Now I don’t know about you, but I hate the word “close”. It just sounds icky to try and “close” someone.

Think of it instead as “relationship building”, and you do that by throwing a ton of value at someone.

If you provide a lot of value over time, that lead is going to grow to know, like, and trust you, and they are primed to buy, you just need to give them the opportunity.

The main way you are going to build a relationship with your leads, and convert leads into sales is through your email list. 


Value, value, value! You want to provide your leads with value. Provide content in your emails that help them with their struggles and problems. 

You also want your emails to have one major direction you want to take people in, and only one direction. Ask them to do one thing at the end of your email, whether it’s leaving a comment, or signing up for a product that will further help them with the problem you were attempting to solve in the email. 

You can also use this same approach in blog posts. In the middle of a blog post, you could have a little parenthetical statement that goes something like this,

“(If you want a more thorough example of what I mean, click here to download my suggested routine).”

If this is relevant to the content of your post, you have a much higher chance of getting people to do what you ask. 

When you write your emails, also make sure to talk to an individual, not a group of people.

People like friends, not marketers, so always write your emails as though you are writing to one person.

Identify who your target market is, and then who your ideal customer or prospect would be. Discover  the three biggest problems that ideal prospect has, and then tailor your content around them so that it is addressing their issues. 

If you’d like to learn more about how to generate leads and close on sales, then you should definitely check out this free 10-day Attraction Marketing Formula bootcamp

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