Singles Awareness Day?

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and of course, the internet is filled with quotes, pictures, and memes about love, romance, and relationships. Valentine’s Day is seen as a wonderful holiday…except for those who are single. How about all those poor single people who have to be alone on a day about love? So tragic…or is it?

It bugs me that people seem to treat singleness like a disease (and I’m not just saying that because I am single). Maybe some people find this hard to believe, but I’m single by choice. Our society seems to think that if you are single, you are somehow less of a person, not capable of being liked by the opposite gender, and therefore possessing no merit whatsoever. This is not so.

Then there are those singles who band together and form, “Singles Awareness Day”, on Valentines Day. Those who observe “S.A.D.” really just end up throwing little pity parties/hey I’m available hangouts.
Or, some take things in the other direction, and spitefully scorn the entire concept of love and romance. Their “S.A.D.” day becomes a celebration of the individual, and an abandonment of other people. 
In both these cases, the focus is all wrong, and it’s not about love at all, but on the self. Valentine’s Day just seems to be about celebrating your relationship status, or bemoaning it. 

Singles, seriously. Pull yourselves together. It’s not a tragedy if you’re single. And being single is far better than riding the dating roller-coaster that everyone else does in our culture—throwing themselves away to each new romantic interest. Singleness is a great and unique time of life where you can devote everything solely on God. Don’t be “S.A.D”.

So if singles can’t be S.A.D. on Valentine’s Day, then what should we be?

Well, if Valentines Day is really is about love, then it’s a holiday that is just as relevant to singles, as it is to married folk.

Love—as Jesus taught it—is willing the good of another person. It’s doing good for others even if you gain nothing. Doing good even if it hurts you. Love is sacrifice, and everyone needs to have love, and practice the love that Jesus practiced.

Valentine’s Day is for singles too.

So, this Valentines day, don’t focus on your relationship status, don’t be S.A.D. Instead, focus on Christ and His love. Be reminded of the incredible sacrifice He made for us, and be inspired to sacrifice for others!

Have a happy Valentines Day, and find someone to love!


  1. It’s sad how many people buy into the single=bad myth, and act like it’s such a horrible thing to be single. It really bugs me, especially when the people believing this myth are Christians, and even more so in the case of Christian girls.

    I too am single by choice (and probably would be anyways), and one thing’s for sure: I ain’t S.A.D. about it. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to try to get done all of the work I’m doing now if I had one more intimate relationship to worry about.

    But anyway, great post. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks for your thoughts Jonathan! I completely agree with you. It really is sad that people are sad that they’re single. Haha! Marriage is great, yes, but there is so much good we can be doing as singles that may not be possible in marriage. What a waste it is to spend the single years in discontentment!

    I’m glad you haven’t bought into the myth, Jonathan. Keep doing the work of the kingdom! I’m sure you’ll be a hot commodity if you do. 😉

    God bless! Stand fast!

  3. Thank you for posting this!
    I’m not S.A.D and I love this post! (as does my mom)

    I’m grateful for my single status (my choice entirely) for as Jonny said above I wouldn’t be able to handle everything I’m doing.
    My relationship with God is the most important thing right now on my to-do list. In Him I am not single. I am made whole. 🙂

  4. Yes! You are so right!

    I’m glad you enjoyed the post! Keep working for His kingdom! 🙂

  5. 🙂

    I enjoy all of your posts. Aye! I am!
    And you too, buddy! 🙂

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