Transpocrisy: Are Gender Stereotypes Legit, Or Not?


I’m very confused.

I recently discovered that one of my Christian friends has created a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for “gender reassignment surgery”. My initial reaction was one of sadness, which only increased when I heard her say that she believed the surgery to be her only means of avoiding crippling depression. Statistics show her hope to be misplaced.

Research has shown gender reassignment surgery to be ineffective. The Guardian reported that, “The review of more than 100 international medical studies of post-operative transsexuals by the University of Birmingham‘s aggressive research intelligence facility (Arif) found no robust scientific evidence that gender reassignment surgery is clinically effective.”

The director of this research stated that, “There is a huge uncertainty over whether changing someone’s sex is a good or a bad thing. While no doubt great care is taken to ensure that appropriate patients undergo gender reassignment, there’s still a large number of people who have the surgery but remain traumatised – often to the point of committing suicide.”

Research from the US and Holland suggest also that up to 20% of patients regret changing their sex, and has also found that suicide attempt rates of up to 18% among those who underwent surgery.

As Walt Heyer, a former “trans-female” himself described,

“I lived for 8 years as a so-called trans-female named Laura Jensen. But no matter how feminine I appeared, like all transgenders, I was just a man in a dress. I was unhappy, regretful of having transitioned, and I attempted suicide. Gender surgery is not effective treatment for depression, anxiety, or mental disorders.”

It was Walt Heyer I thought of when I saw my friend express her desperate hope that the surgery would solve her issues. It won’t. In fact, it will only lead her further down the road of depression. Yet the culture tells us otherwise. The culture tells us we have to “follow our heart” and pursue that which we believe will make us happy.

It’s like we believe that we all have Jack Sparrow’s special compass that points to that which we want most, embedded in our chests, and perhaps we do. The only problem is that no one tells us that what we want isn’t necessarily what we need, or what will lead to true happiness and fulfillment.

The more we seek after our own happiness, the more distant it becomes.

My second reaction upon hearing that my friend was seeking surgery was one of confusion.

Here was someone who had challenged me in the past over the notions of gender roles and stereotypes, insisting that such things are not Biblical or biological, but mere cultural constructs. Her views aligned with those of most in our culture today who believe that gender stereotypes are arbitrary and oppressive. Girls don’t need to wear dresses or skirts, they can dress like boys, and vice versa. Girls can like doing stereotypical masculine things and still be girls. Boys can like My Little Pony or playing with dolls and still be boys. The only reason we have gender stereotypes is because they have been forced on us by the cultural conditioning of the “Patriarchy”.

If this is true…why then do we accept gender reassignment surgery?

Here is a female who dresses like a stereotypical male, is changing her name to be more stereotypical masculine-sounding, is taking hormones, and wants to have surgery in order to look more like a stereotypical male.

However, if masculinity is just a social construct, and gender stereotypes are oppressive…then why is she molding herself to fit the masculine stereotype?

Why is she not telling herself she doesn’t have to fit the “culture’s idea” of what a man should look like in order to be a man?

According to her own worldview, she should be able to wear dresses, keep her name, and leave her body the way it is…and still be considered a man. Or, at the very least, she should be able to call herself a man without taking hormones or undergoing surgery, both of which have harmful and dangerous consequences. She wants to feel more like a man, and apparently she believes embracing the male stereotypes actually do make one more masculine. I’m very confused.

I found myself wanting to tell her not to buy into the oppressive gender stereotypes of our culture. I found myself wanting to tell her she doesn’t have to go through an expensive, invasive, and harmful surgery just to be a man. At least believing that way would be less harmful than the addition of physically mutilating your own body. All her friends already consider her to be a man. She considers herself to be a man. Politically correct society also would view her to be a man.

Why then go through a needless surgery just to fit a made-up ideal of what a man should look like?

Liberals, and those in the LGBTQIA community should be anti gender reassignment surgery. Really, they should remove the T from their acronym. Gender is fluid, and not binary after all. To try and mold ourselves into one or both of the traditional genders of “male” and “female” just perpetuates oppression and Patriarchy. Supporting transsexuals only reinforces the culturally-constructed myth of gender binaries.

To be consistent, the LGBTQIA community and its advocates should not support people transitioning from one gender stereotype to another. A “woman” should be able to call herself a “man” without changing her body, clothing, behavior, or preferences, and vice versa. Everyone should just embrace who they are.

Really, we shouldn’t be using masculine or feminine pronouns at all, right? Furthermore, such advocates would say that a woman should be able to be a man one instant, and a woman the next, or something in-between, without having to change anything but her/his/its mind. The only thing that determines a person’s gender is their feelings about themselves at a given point in time.

But why stop there?

If what we are is only determined by how we see ourselves…then if I saw myself as a monkey, or a velociraptor, or a postage stamp, then no one would have the right to tell me otherwise; they would have to recognize me as such, and I shouldn’t need to have surgery to give myself claws or an adhesive backing.

It is a pity that President Kennedy could not have been president in this present culture, as if he had been, and gave the same speech he gave in Berlin where he accidentally called himself a jelly donut while speaking in German…none of us would be allowed to find it funny.

We would have to assume that he actually identifies as a delicious pastry filled with fruity goodness.

The crowds would have applauded, and the media would have supported his statement, and cranked out story after story about how “brave” it was for him to make such an admission. Yes, if only JFK could have been president today, he could have avoided the embarrassing language snafu.

Serial killerOf course, our culture doesn’t see the hypocrisy of transgenderism. No one talks about the blaring contradiction that transgenderism is actually confirming BOTH gender stereotypes and gender roles. No one is pointing out how men who want to be women end up becoming much more feminine than many woman in a lot of ways. Bruce Jenner grew his hair out, and began wearing dresses, yet Feminists will claim that women don’t have to wear dresses to be feminine. If so, then why did no one tell Bruce he could be a woman just the way he was? The same goes for “trans-men”. They tend to be much more masculine than even a lot of “cis-men”.

My intention with this article is not to condemn anyone,  or point the finger at others. The root cause of this hypocrisy, this transpocrisy, this contradiction, is not stupidity as some assume, but the same problem we all struggle with. The same problem I struggle with. It’s not a lack of intelligence that allows us to embrace contradictions, but self-worship.

We all have a built-in desire to please ourselves, to worship ourselves, to put our desires and fulfilling them at the forefront of ourselves. Liberalism is the liberation of the Self. It is unshackling the Self from the bonds of love so that it may satisfy its desires, and its desires alone.

The Self tells us it knows what is best for us, but it is actually bent on our destruction, and when we free this serial-killer, it will kill again.

When the Self takes over our lives, it doesn’t matter what reality says. Reason is no longer relevant. All that matters is what feels good to us, and Liberalism will promote any ideas that empower the self, even at the expense of consistency and logic. Utilitarianism at its finest.

Of course, Liberals are not alone in the pursuit of self. Self-worship takes many forms, and not all forms are as flashy as radical Liberalism, but they all lead to the same destructive end. We cannot obtain happiness by seeking it. We cannot gain life by trying to save it. It is only through losing our lives, through taking up our crosses daily and dying to Self for Christ’s sake that we can truly find our life.

I’m not surprised that the world does not understand this concept. It is indeed a mystery, and doesn’t make much sense at first glance. How can dying, denying Self, lead to true joy and fulfillment? What is tragic is how we Christians so frequently and consistently forget this truth, myself included. We’re hesitant to give God control, and to die to ourselves, and allow God to begin to change us.

Dying doesn’t sound all that pleasant, does it? Self has been pretty good to us, right?. “Don’t you remember I gave you some pleasure that one time?” Self says, and maybe so, but it didn’t, and doesn’t, last. It doesn’t grow. It doesn’t permeate. It’s only a shadow. The pleasure that the Self gives is like a drug, and we have to keep indulging in the Self more and more over time in order to find satisfaction, while all the while it’s slowly breaking us down and killing us.

However, the life that Christ offers far outshines that of the Self. Psalm 16:11 tells us that in God’s “presence there is fullness of joy; at [His] right hand are pleasures forevermore.”

This is incredible! FULLNESS of joy! Complete joy. Filled to the brim. No more room for any more joy because there is so much! Seeking after Self does not bring this kind of joy.

And! Pleasures forevermore! In God the pleasure never ends!

Paul knew this to be true, and was able to rejoice always, even in the midst of persecution, even through physical pain and torment, even while being imprisoned! He didn’t just put on an act. He wasn’t sitting in prison and thought to himself, “Well. God wants us to rejoice always so I guess I gotta rejoice and sing some songs or something.” No! Paul was filled with Christ, and knew well the fullness of joy that came from His presence, and that joy overflowed into his life so he couldn’t help but sing while enduring persecution.

Yet how many of us actually believe Psalm 16:11 as Paul did? I have to ask myself if I really believe this, because frequently I don’t think I live as though I do. If I REALLY believed this to be true, why would I ever seek to satisfy myself?

I have seen glimpses of this reality in my life though, and I do believe I am being sanctified so that more and more I am learning how true Psalm 16:11 is. I am seeing more and more how seeking Self doesn’t taste as sweet as seeking God. There is a better life, and because Christ died for us, we can have it! This is Good News!Dying to live

And it is in light of this reality that the irony of the LGBTQIA agenda becomes even more apparent. This agenda only brings about the opposite of what it purports to give.

While the LGBTQIA worldview claims to bring freedom, empowerment, and happiness, it only brings enslavement, weakness, and despair.


We should not be encouraging others to indulge in the Self, but to die to self, and to seek Christ. Mutilating our own bodies can never free us from what ails us, because what ails us all lies far beneath the surface. We need to undergo HIS surgery. We need Him to remove our hearts and transplant His life into us.

Dying is the only way we can live, and if we don’t die, then we will.

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