University Unmasked: 01 – University State Is Great!

I attended Convocation the other day, which was basically an initiation into the school (which I will refer to as “University State” from here on out.) Just prior to convocation, my business survey class was held. One of the emphases of this initial session was to make us aware of our required participation in a “first year success series” where we would learn valuable information on how to have a successful first year at college”. This series involves a number of sessions we are required to attend, including a “Peer Leader” session where we learn valuable information key to our first year success…such as where to buy contraceptives on campus.


Click to see a video clip (There were even two guys smoking during the ceremony)
After survey class, we were walked over to an old basketball arena. Student volunteers lined the sidewalks while our class of 7,000 was ushered into the dome. The upperclassman cheered and gave high-fives, like we were going to some grand event. The reality didn’t quite fit the hype.
We sat and listened to dignitaries of the school give speeches on how great our university is, and what great things we would all accomplish. I think the university’s goal was to get us excited about being a part of the school, and to inspire us to try hard and do well, which means it was pretty much a waste of time. However, I was told some useful information. One of the speakers talked about how we would be meeting a lot of different people, with different beliefs, values, and sexual orientations, and that I should be open minded and accepting of these differences. Good to know. I thought everyone here was going to be just like me.
College has just started, but the subtle indoctrination of liberalism has already begun. Many feministic and liberal ideas are already ingrained and assumed, such as the need to know how to find contraceptives, and that all beliefs and lifestyles are valid: plenty of Post-modernism and Humanism to go around.
But none of that is particularly unexpected. The most unexpected and eye-opening part of Convocation came as the first part drew to a close. Check back here for a post on what went down.

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