What Are You Worth?

I’m guest posting today over at Alovelycalling.com again! This time focusing on the question of self-worth.


What are you worth? If you were put up on an auction block today, what kind of price would you fetch? What dollar amount would equate to your value?

Do you think you are worth a hundred dollars? Or maybe ten thousand? A million? Surely you don’t think you’re worth a billion dollars, right? Come on! What kind of narcissistic psychopath are you?

Well, according to our American society, you are worth about $5 million. Hmm…not too shabby. As a livescience.com article points out, “If a safety code will cost more than $5 million for every person it will save, ‘regulators eyes start to glaze over. They say that that is too expensive.’”

Have you ever thought of yourself as being worth $5 million before? How would you treat an object you owned if was valued at $5 million?

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  1. Another great article Reagan!!! your definatley on my list of favorite writers now!!! Btw: When I saw you had updated your blog on my news feed, I realized that I had never responded back from September!!! I WILL!!! :))))

  2. Glad you liked it! That’s very encouraging to hear! I guess it’s just too bad I don’t write that much these days. Haha!

    I look forward to your reply!

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