When Speaking The Truth Makes You A Target

I recently came across a very good Youtuber by the user name of “Christy0Misty”. I watched her series on Feminism and it was so good I wanted to share it here on my blog.Truth target

Unfortunately, in my attempt to find out more about her, I learned that she has deleted her channel and left Youtube, as a result of an overwhelming backlash of hate-mail and threats (though her videos have been uploaded by other users.) This situation reminded me of just how dangerous the truth can be, and that we really are at war against the lies and deceit of the enemy.
Satan will do everything he can to stop the truth from being known. Why? Because all truth leads back to God. If the truth can be destroyed or twisted, then evil can fester and spread. We as Christians cannot shy away from the truth.

Jesus spoke in parables because if He had spoken bluntly, then He would have been murdered much sooner than He was. However, privately to His disciples, He always explained what His parables meant when they asked. However, later Jesus told His disciples, “What I tell you in the darkness, speak in the light; and what you hear whispered in your ear, proclaim upon the housetops.”
I don’t think I’ve done as good a job at “proclaiming upon the housetops” as I could have. But Christy0Misty, and others like her remind me that we all have to boldly proclaim the truth in love. If you watch her videos, you will see that she handled the topic of Feminism very professionally and was motivated by a desire to help others. There was no bashing, no hate-speech, just a desire to reveal the truth.
Of course, we must also use discretion. There are times when we should not back down to the persecution and continue on no matter what might happen to us, even to the point of martyrdom, but I also think there are times when it’s wiser to stand down and live to fight another day.
I don’t know the details of why Christy0Misty shut down her channel and stopped making videos. It may have nothing to do with the backlash she received. Maybe she’s just going to college or otherwise preoccupied. However, if she really was receiving death threats because of her videos, I can’t say she was wrong for shutting down her channel. I don’t think it’s worth it to maintain a mere Youtube channel in this instance.
Discretion must be used in every unique situation, but when it all comes down to it…we have to fight for the truth, and we can’t shy away from negative feedback.
A friend of mine posted this quote on facebook:
“Don’t say the things that will make the most people like you. Say the things that need to be said. Even if they make you the most hated person on earth.”

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  1. Wow. Thank you for posting this! I needed to read this today.
    I’m all about being bold for Christ, but sometimes I would rather hide in my corner of the world and become invisible to everyone else who is not of the same mind set as I am.
    But obviously that’s not what God wanted. If we hide and put our candle under a bushel that will benefit no one.
    I can say that I’ve experienced a small taste of what this young woman has gone through. It’s not easy and I sincerely hope the woman is still going strong.
    Again, thanks for posting. 🙂

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