Why Feminists Will Never Be Happy

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Feminism has failed. More and more people are starting to realize this fact, but the beast just won’t die! While all of society is worse off for the advance of Feminism, the sad irony is that those who lose out the most are the Feminist women themselves.
I’m not talking about the first wave of Feminism which campaigned for suffrage and the end of abortion (though this wave was not without flaws). Yes, the first Feminists were staunchly pro-life because they understood how harmful abortion was for women (not to mention it is murder). It is the second and third waves of feminism which have failed us as a society, and failed women most of all.

 The Marxist, Betty Freidan, was the spark that launched what is now modern Feminism. In her book, The Feminine Mystique, she claimed that she, and other women, were unhappy being housewives, and that women desired more than just their husbands, children, and homes. However, she actually wasn’t a “stay-at-home” mom, but worked outside the home. It was her Marxist ideology that drove her to write the book, not her dissatisfaction with being a housewife.
Nevertheless, was she correct in arguing that women wanted out of the home, less family obligations, and longed for careers in the workforce? 
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